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rahul tyagi says
que: How can we approach ladies to become a gigolo?
I never choose this profession but destiny.

By God's grace thus far , I never faced any bad situation or had any bad experience. My observation is, woman are one among the foremost beautiful souls on earth.

I do get requests from first timers, to scale back my charges. But I patiently explain them the egenuine reasons.

I do get rare requests to treat them roughly, but I remind them, my few more condition that I cant do rough type love. once they say, which will give them more pleasure, I request them to permit me one session to please them romantic and soft way or my way, and if they find its not pleasurable, as a primary exception i will be able to do the rough as they need . By god's grace, thus far I never had to try to to rough sex.

I do get requests which I politely turn down. regardless of what profession i'm in, as long as I give my 100% I do expect to be treated as a person's soul. Money can't buy me when there's no respect. I determine this during initial contact/conversation/chat.

Earlier I wont to turn down, service requests from distant place (outside my state). Now I do take such requests with additional allowance . However, if it's back back out call outstation requests and therefore the distance is closer, then i drop that TA part or subtract accordingly.

Biggest challenge, I faced was when a lady wanted during her second service meet, removed her marriage chain (Karimani) and told me to tie and roll in the hay to her. I had to convince after an extended debate! and agreed to let her call her husband's name. She still calls me by her husband name.

Sometimes, clients prefer to meet at a foreign place where nobody knows her. Mostly this happens with business woman or highly placed woman. Once it went wrong! Next to her room was another familiar woman. I had to require another adjacent room and timing and everything was changed accordingly raising no doubts!

Biggest challenge here, when some angels start to getting attached. that point I do prefer to maintain distance because we both have worlds of our own, but haven't any rights to harm others for our needs. It takes a short time to convince them and convey back to normal angel and repair type relationship. Yes, these attachments roll in the hay making easy. Every act feels special and do not desire paid up.

Once an angel, slipped in bath room and that i prefer to stick with her for 4 days just taking care of her. I returned her money and even refused to urge money for the remainder of expenses too. I felt like she is extremely good soul. All she misses is not any where I belong to feel.

I do get requests for MMF and this one I take as long as it's consensual and therefore the couples are highly respected and mature enough to know the emotional dilemma it's going to have.

MFF I do take, again after careful observations.

Twice I got virgin defloration request too. just one case, I agreed. Again it depends on many consideration (not financial but their maturity level).

I don't comply with clients requesting without protection.

The main stress i'm going through is when it's continuous travel and tight schedule. And sometimes full rest sort of schedule. Sometime I travel then again change of schedule. I do take full TA beforehand .

I read books tons . and this profession taught me how wonderful women are quite any books.

Woman cannot be seen as soley seeking sex. they're humans too. they need their own uniqueness, individuality, needs, wants, desires, expectation, limitations, mind, soul and heart. If i select who may be a better person generally , i will be able to say women with none doubt.

I do get numerous requests from aspiring boys/men the way to be a Gigolo and every one . Idont want to seem rude. Because I too have skilled these learning phase. However it isn't possible on behalf of me to reply each and everybody satisfactorily. But still attempt to tell them quickest way possible. Many questions are ignorance. This i can not solve during a minute. This to not look rude to those people is one among the most important time consuming a part of this profession.

Some times, women recover from drunk. That's when things gets little hard to bring back to regulate .

One of the stressful points on behalf of me is, taking note of them then if I determine that their marital life are often made happy, telling them how to not avail my service then by bring some positive changes in their life.

May be god remains there with me even once I was browsing toughest time of my life since 5 years. and that is why could also be i'm getting good angels only.

Will update, if time permits and quora don't make me appeal ! like everytime for being very honest.

(FYI : i'm Straight only)
someone answerd
ans: '' First of all let me tell you what a women actually expects when hiring an male Escort,I lost my husband 2 years ago and that i know the pain of being lonely and surviving during this cruel World. To be honest there's nothing wrong in hiring a male escort as everybody has their needs physically and mentally,Women just don't hire someone for sex they expect some love,care and respect too.initially I searched tons to seek out out a real guy but everyone seems to be fake but at some point one among my pub friend gave me his details who works as a part-time gigolo and massage therapist also ,after thinking for two weeks i made a decision to msg him and looked for the small print first and once I messaged him I got his reply in few hours with a greeting.i liked the way he spoke to me once we first met during a cafe with such a lot manners, a well educated man with attractiveness ,plz don't think that I'm promoting him,I'm just helping him get some clients as he's from a bourgeoisie family facing some financial problems who may be a genuine guy.Let me know if someone trying to find a Male Escort or a Doorstep massage therapist in Bangalore.''

megha que: 
Would you like to have a male escort?
i am a 27 years old female. My husband is an IT guy. we've been married for two years. the primary few months of our marriage was quite romantic. He was quite interested in my figure and each alternate night we wont to have mad sex. But after sometime, his work pressure steadily increased and gradually I wont to get less and fewer attention from him. Two folks sleep in a flat in Mumbai near the Marine Drive (no child as of now). As you'll imagine, loneliness began to creep more and more because the days gone by . I wont to ignore that by engaging in Netflix and cooking (my husband loves my dishes) but ultimately you get desperate. Being from a noble aristocrat family, I could never ever consider such things. But a vibrator can’t fulfill the romantic necessity of a lady . the necessity for a few mature soul to place hands on my hand, to take a seat by me, to hug me once I am crying, to kiss my eyes. Those things can only be ignored for therefore long. then the wedding breaks apart despite the simplest wishes of both. So i made a decision that for the advantage of both folks , I needed to satisfy my sexual desires. But i used to be scared of “sin”, being from a pure Brahmin family. Eventually my neighbor (who has been an in depth friend of mine), said that she secretly hires some male escort during weekends, when her husband is out on business trips. She gave me variety of some guy called Tarang Banerjee and told me to only provides it a try. Despite being extremely hesitant, I dialed the amount and glued an evening with him. I won’t enter the small print of that night, because it's one among my most beautiful nights ever in my life. He understands the woman’s true needs, their wildest fantasies and desperation. The 4 hours of my life as if i used to be in some dream wonderland. I didn't know what to expect. He lead me all the way ranging from erotic massages, nude yoga, tai chi, feather stroking, some ice shit etc etc. I had never felt so aroused in my entire life. I called him a second time. this point before he proceeded together with his regular session, he offered to concentrate to my biography . One thing I can tell you, he's so mature and humorous that I fell crazy with him, yes I fell crazy with a male escort!! I call him frequently now, although he gets many female clients and about 2/3rd of the days , he cannot make time on behalf of me , but those 1/3rd of the days that I spend with him, my life has become a paradise again.

rakesh says
'' f it means i do not need to affect the standard bullshit of finding an honest guy to screw, I'd rather have someone loads experienced who knows the way to please me in bed.

I can get a true good pussy lickin' and double penetration if i select a bi male escort (which I probably would, since I'm a voyeur with a fetish for watching gay/bi guys having sex).

I like how I can easily choose a top quality status man by hiring him for sex. i buy to settle on an escort with the precise features i would like during a man. If i would like a redheaded bi male escort with a baccalaureate in finance, for instance , it might be much easier to pay him for sex and obtain what i would like than if I were to undertake to seek out my ideal man in real world .

That way, i buy to skip the entire dating process (which I hate and find very tedious at times), and just go straight to business, no bullshit and games.

Nice guys don't have anything on experienced men who are confident enough to treat women well.''
someone asked 
que: Do women use male escorts for either sexual or non-sexual purposes? And if so, how common is it?
Let’s not use the word ‘use’ here. Because, that’s not how it begins in most of the cases. And, i will be able to attempt to answer this with reference to Indian women. And, trying enough to not be judgemental or, offensive. I apologize beforehand , if I do so.
We all have emotional also as sexual needs. Some find ways to regulate them, some hide them, while some find ways to cater to them.

The question revolves round the choices available to women to ‘cater to’ their emotional and sexual needs.

Let’s see this from perspective of girls of certaim age ranges:

18–24: Teenage girls who are studying, getting to college. Most of them cannot afford male escorts, or paid services, unless are very rich. Everyone at this age goes through important life altering decisions like career, relationship, and should need emotional support. Some have parents, some have good friends (could be same sex or opposite sex), some have boyfriends. Talking about their male companions, if they behave decent, lookout of their ladies, all goes good. However, an inexpensive percentage of men suck at even doing this. Result? Emotional and Sexual frustration. But, there are options to urge obviate these temporarily viz. casual dating, one-night stands and more. And, younger ladies tend to explore these options first through dating apps. And, i might say, it's good, and most of the days , safe too.

However, some may need a high drive , and that they anticipate to unique experiences or, fulfilling their fantasies. they'll look out for guys with high drive , or male escorts to explore. Is it common? it's not so common among this age bracket , but not zero.

In my opinion, focussing attention on learning new things, for instance some Art, may be a better way of handling stress for such youth.

25–30: Here, I speak in context of unmarried women, who are working, became independent, and earning. Most become mature enough to affect emotional/sexual cravings in their own way. And, most have had experienced realtionships with men in sort of close friends or, boyfriends. Now, the selection remains with them. and typically , these women take an informed decision with reference to male escorts. Is it common? Since, they earn and are better equipped with relationship experiences with no ongoing commitments (being married), they have a tendency to travel for male escorts for his or her fantasies, just to feature that missing kinky/adventurous vibe to their lives. Otherwise, tinder is there for them too.

In my opinion, trying to find an extended -term relationship and trying to stabilize one goes a long way in bringing happiness, peace and love.

25+: those who are married. they're committed. they need someone to precise their emotional and sexual must . However, things become complicated when thier partner isn't matching up to the expectations in terms of both sexual/non-sexual wishes. And, it becomes elusive to vary your partner too, given the plethora of relations formed during an Indian wedding. the simplest thanks to cater to needs now becomes finding temporary solutions, male escorts for example!

Is it common? Well, it's not opened up extensively but more common among women with such demography. they will pay, they have a stopgap; what better option than reaching bent a male escort can be? i'm talking about those lives where there's no adherence to their sexual/non-sexual desires by their men, even after them trying to figure it call at an upright manner.

In my opinion, people should live their life the way they need . But before that, everyone should attempt to figure it call at an appropriate manner than exploring such options.

However, among all women, there exists a really small percentage (my favourite ones) who are quite sexually active, have kinky fantasies and need to explore with equally interested men. they are doing choose multiple casual relationships and male escorts. And seeking what you're keen on is usually right.

Now, let’s say, Is taking a massage from a male masseur common? Well, yes. for a few it’s simply a choice, for a few it becomes more suited over one from a women masseur, for a few it’s a fantasy, and in some cases, it's suggested by doctors too.

Further, seeking out knowledgeable is usually better than reaching bent known unknowns. This way, you already solve for creepy behaviour, blackmails, and forceful/unwanted advances.

So, if you're considering exploring it out, the primary option i might suggest is to think about a referred person from a trusted woman. If this isn’t available, ask the one you're reaching bent intimately , plan your meeting intimately , meet at a public place initially, and if you are feeling everything to be upto your satisfaction, just go and live your life out!
someone answered: '' For women, sex is a component of life and not heart of life!. So once they hire, they're trying to find quite sex and beyond.

Since I work as a gigolo, i think I do fall in to sex worker category. Hence my sincere plan to reply your question supported my experiences.

Most woman are demusexuals !

Most of my angels (clients) who hire me are looking beyond sex ! (Initially they'll say different things)

They are seeking everything that they do not get in their real world which they really deserve !

They want something new, something different, something unique, something even they really do not know till they explore !.

Many times they need an honest listener !, without being judged !

Most of those angels are less bothered about big muscles and every one !

They actually interested to seek out an excellent companionship thereon day, which end at the top of the day, don't need to urge attached in such thanks to regret later and yet an equivalent time that day they only want to urge attached till they/I say bye!

Some of my clients just want hug, most of them want to sleep on my chest and me twiddling with their hair and massaging their back. they do not want their usual get undressed and penetrate and forget act with the regular destinied partners. they need more on the side of feel loved than feel sexually satisfied. Yes, few are there who wants only good physical sex but these are very rare and most of them are by then on alcohol!

As a gigolo, all I can say is "woman is great product created by God. No man can match her in any good human qualities except could also be physical strength".

I have one client, who met me 8 times thus far . Beautiful, intelligent, intellectual, caring, compassionate. She has numerous goodies that, she will termed as perfect dream woman any man would like to keep loving! She didn't had sex till 7th meet !. Still, all the time she paid me quite other clients. So, what she was trying to find ? Sex ?, i will be able to say, definitely not pure sex!. She is one among the foremost beautiful woman out there. she will get most men for her for free!, Then why she choose me or any escort ?

Answer lies deep and definitely it isn't sex what a women seek in real. Generally, men have numerous misconception about women !

Sometimes they're seeking something that's missing in their life and it isn't always sex.

I think the lady who finally prefer to roll in the hay with a sex worker or me, is one who finally found something that's worth for her to possess sex with him/me. For this her main criteria is certainly not physical sex.

She is seeking something what a machine can't give her but only a living soul can !

I can't discuss women who look for sex in the dark after alchohol takes control over them.''
2nd ans: Most answers here are an effort to market themselves. i will be able to offer you an honest answer:

Women use male escort services for both sexual and non sexual purposes. It's mostly sexual than non sexual. This trend is however more common among the rich and a touch aged women.

They are usually bored and alone. Their husbands are usually busy in their work or traveling. Most of their husbands aren't in decent shape also . they do not look good nor can they perform. This leaves the ladies with a sense that they're not wanted and unsatisfied. Hence they appear for other services

They have the cash for an honest service and reciprocally they get what they need . a sense of affection , being wanted and satisfaction. All this with the promise of privacy. With these services, the ladies are faraway from the drama also of the person falling crazy and eager to be with them.

In contrast, young women often have a queue of dicks lined up for them. they will choose anyone they need . This comes with the value of attachment but not monetary. Still some women in their youth prefer escort services due to the talents they carry onboard.

In case you're wondering how i do know of these , I even have used the service once, know a few of girls who have and have a lover who serves.
3rd ans: Going anonymous for a few reason.

Life gives both good and bad times, my personal life was filled with misunderstanding, fights and Tears which lead me to depression. (i am from AP working in Bengaluru, Mine is arranged marriage which life was good for 6-8 months,after that filled with fights, misunderstandings. he use to travel lot and he avoided me and spend time together with his friends albeit he's with me). i attempted to work out what cause this..but I did not find the basis . He are going to be good when someone from either of our family visits here.

After many regular visit to a saloon. i made good friendship with my hair stylist, sometimes i spend time together with her in salon to avoid depression. she knows my personal life problem.

1 day once we discussed she said there's 1 customers who spend time with unknown person to urge obviate their depressions and other things(hope you got!!). i said how is that possible and requested for other details in curiosity and later she introduced me to at least one of her regular customer who is involved during this .

that lady is somewhere early 40's. she was very bold and shared me the knowledge on the way to approach and the way to require it further.

she called that guy and asked him to hitch for a coffee in 1 of the restaurant nearby and she or he requested me accompany her to see that guy. with bit of fear i went. formal intro happend and that we all 3 had coffee and said bye.( he's south indian, average athletic body whitish brown his tone was so polite and gentle)

after he left she asked me what does one think, i said he impressed me the way he speaks..then she said all we working women need may be a person to speak , listen and say something good to us and if both folks are comfortable then physical pleasure. YES. thats what i required considerably at that point . i said ok the way to proceed with him futher.?

she shared his contact and that i meet that guy alone 3-4 times in restaurant and occasional shops and spend some 1 hour time. after i used to be comfortable i shared my personal life problems.

Then he asked weather i can spend longer with me to form me feel good where i used to be not comfortable meeting him again in restaurant. so he booked a resort somewhere in bannerghata road and asked me to return over there. first i hesitated then i spoke thereto lady who gave his contact she said you'll regret if you do not go and that i somehow got boldness within me and that i left.

resort was somewhere inside from highway , after reaching the resort he directed me to the cottage where he was in. From balcony it had beautiful greener view then natural, initially sight you'll like it ..

he made me sit in balcony facing the character park and took my legs and kept it in his lap then began to pull my toe fingers and made me to feel the heaven(i never got this from my hubby) after sometime I felt the wetness in me..

he further proceeded the massage till knee then he took out some head massage oil and proceeded with head massage also he asked me to pour out all my depression. i closed my eyes and that i poured all my depression for nearly 2 hours.

after 2 hrs once I opened my eyes, i felt light do not know weather it had been due to Massage/Oil/ Him/ location. i gave a decent hug to him saying you made me feel light and good. then he said its time to massage remainder of the places ;).. i didn't get any extra set of dress so i hesitated and also it's first time so i used to be in dual mind..

he got the robe from bathroom which was till my knee, i hesitated. but i made that bold move because he made me feel light. he made me to take a seat on recliner chair and he massaged from my shoulders and approached all other places. we ended up making out with oil. he was under me for 30 mins and showed me the heaven. he showed how toungue and fingers are often used..

after that we had bath and lunch. after lunch we roamed round the park siting and speaking out more. evening once I was close to leave we again had 1 more round which took 2 hrs and eventually i left.

All i got was a Shoulder to lean,expressed my depression some good words to console me. along side this physical pleasure.

3 months Once i exploit to spend weekend with this guy and make myself feel good. i do know i'm doing wrong but i do not have any choice. Even i'm human.He maintains secrets and also he's not emotionally attached.
4th ans:Wow, I can’t believe what percentage attempts there are to answer the question of why women hire escorts instead of get what they have from men in their acquaintance, without addressing the only and most direct explanation.

Women hire male escorts because they are doing not want to possess sex with, or spend time with, males already available to them.

It’s just like the dating site mentality is on overdrive in here. Hey, women must not need sex the maximum amount as men if they turn down all the lads offering them sex online, right?! Uh, no. They turn down sex with men that they don’t want to possess sex with. a bit like they don’t roll in the hay friends, co-workers, or exes they don’t want to possess sex with.

Which goes to a different mentality that I find boggling - people that believe that “any sex is best than no sex at all” may be a universal mentality. Because, seriously, it’s not. At all. actually it’s wrong on numerous levels, to think that that's the norm mentality, that’s a touch frightening.

Most people don't enjoy sex with someone they’re not interested in on quite one level - it are often physically and intellectually, emotionally and spiritually, whatever. they have dimension or the sex sucks - albeit the person is sexually educated and knows what they’re doing, which is additionally not the norm. There are few things less appetizing than crappy sex. Particularly once you can get an orgasm easily enough without leaving your house.

Which, by the way, is why most girls who frequent male escorts don't exclusively roll in the hay with them - because if they only wanted to ride a random phallus they’d buy a Sybian. they need to explore something they can't get with the lads they already know. Whether that’s something new sexually, boosting their confidence, having someone to travel dancing with or an intimacy they’re not getting into a partnered relationship.

Though it should be noted, that from what I hear from sex workers I’ve spoken to, tons more men than you'd think have diverse needs and reasons for hiring female escorts beyond sex also . So yeah, it's for an equivalent reasons as some men.

I think that sex workers are a number of the foremost remarkable and compassionate people on the earth . And if I could change the principles , sex work would universally be treated because the work that it's - with respect for the service it provides, the maximum amount as any therapy or other assistive care. i feel there should be more room for people with disabilities or unusual physical characteristics to use their sexuality to assist others be easier with the differently-abled. There should be room for people that are socially awkward to urge comfortable with the bodies of others and find out who they're sexually, thus increasing their confidence and reducing anxiety. People in assisted living should be ready to employ sex workers to assist them explore their sexual needs in ways their body can manage.

The only reason I’ve never hired an escort myself is because I cannot afford to pay one what his time would be worth. If I did i might probably seek one to possess an ongoing professional relationship with as long as i used to be romantically unattached. But i might be even as selective when finding an escort as i might choosing any potential romantic or sexual partner. Because being selective is how you avoid an unsatisfying experience.

And sorry to be quite so cis-het-normative, i'm performing on getting out of that default. But it had been quite cis-het-normative question.